12 Oct 2022

Madhya Pradesh: Home Minister Narottam Mishra raises objection to Aamir Khan’s ad

Bhopal: Bollywood's Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan has been embroiled in a controversy over an advertisement. The advertisement is of a private bank, in which actress Kiara Advani is also seen with him. In this, instead of the bride entering her in-laws' house after marriage, Aamir is seen entering the house of his in-laws as a Ghar Jamai.

Narottam Mishra raises strong objection: Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra has raised a strong objection to this ad. He said that such advertisements hurt sentiments. He (Aamir Khan) is not allowed to do this. I had received a complaint. When I saw this ad, I also felt it was wrong.

Mishra said – I have received a complaint. After this I have also seen this advertisement. I request Aamir Khan to advertise only keeping in mind the Indian traditions and customs. Acting in a twisted manner hurts the sentiments of a particular religion. No one is allowed to hurt anyone's sentiments, Mishra added.

What is shown in the ad: In this ad, Aamir-Kiara are seen as a newly married couple. Aamir tells Kiara, 'This is the first time that the bride did not cry at the time of Vidaai.' Unlike the usual practice, the groom goes to the bride's house to take care of the bride's ailing father. 

During this, the way the bride takes the first step in the house, similarly in this ad, Aamir puts his first step in the bride's house. All the guests welcome Aamir with pomp. The users are trolling and saying Aamir has hurt social sentiments.

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