26 Oct 2022

“Karuna has a lot of similarities with Pushpa”, says Karuna Pandey about her character in Pushpa Impossible

Karuna Pandey talks about her character in Pushpa Impossible. Excerpts:

1. Pushpa Impossible's current track tackles the subject of domestic abuse, what is Pushpa's message to individuals who face this issue?

Domestic violence is a very grave issue and its heart wrenching to know that even with changing times, this has remained constant. Domestic violence is an evil that sees no gender, age or class. In the show, Pushpa stood up for Nilima and helped her to fight against this social evil. To all the victims I would say, help is always there so ask without any worries. 

2. How do you think we, as society, can tackle this social issue of domestic abuse?

One of the most important things we can do is to support victims in their fight against their abusers by encouraging them to stand up to the abuser, as otherwise the cycle will continue for years. Several times, victims are so demotivated by their situation that they simply suffer silently, and no person or law can protect them because the issue is never brought to light. We need to raise awareness about how help is always available when needed and how it is wrong to let someone degrade you in this way. 

3. Pushpa is still holding on to her plan to study and prepping for exams, how is she preparing for it amidst this chaos? 

Pushpa is a strong-willed woman and her determination to complete her studies is even stronger. Solving problems is a part of her life and she will not let it get in the way of her pursuit of knowledge. She is a witty woman who will educate herself, either in a conventional or unconventional way. For example, even after her expulsion from the school, she began working in the school as a way of learning through the students and the current track too, proves that she will seize any opportunity to study that she can.

4. What are the similarities between Pushpa and Karuna? 

Karuna has a lot of similarities to Pushpa. Pushpa and I are very enthusiastic and positive in life, we don't hide our emotions and are true to ourselves. I relate to her unique approach to life and her ways of tackling problems. I believe, for a character like Pushpa, if you aren’t similar in mindset of the character it takes you a lot more time to prepare yourself. What would have taken me six months, I achieved in a couple of months as a result of my similarities with Pushpa. 

5. Pushpa is an inspiration for many but who is Karuna's inspiration in real life?

Everything in my surroundings gives me inspiration. Plants for selflessly providing us with oxygen, food and shade during summers. Insects like ants for their focus and determination. Hence, everything in nature has a quality that is very inspirational to me. Also my mother, my sister, my husband and many of my friends inspire me a lot as all of them are admirable and achieved a lot in life and I’m grateful to be in their company.

6. What is the feedback from the audience? 

The audiences love the show! My team members and I are so grateful for their love and support as that is our motivation to give our best everyday. It floors me how openly people have welcomed Pushpa and how much they love her unique and honest personality. Viewers keep telling us that the show's realistic portrayal of life, Pushpa’s wit and funny side, not to forget her one liners along with her unconventional approach in life is refreshing which makes me glad.

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