10 Oct 2022

Madhya Pradesh: Mythological city Ujjain will emerge on country’s tourism map; PM Narendra Modi will launch Mahakal Lok on Oct 11


Ujjain: The event of the launch of "Shri Mahakal Lok" in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Ujjain on October 11 is of national importance. Ujjain is going to be recorded as a major destination on the religious and spiritual tourism map of India. 

Recently, a new tourism policy has been drafted by the Central government, which mentions increasing investment and boosting employment opportunities from religious and spiritual tourism. The first phase of the Mahakal Lok project has been completed. Tourists and devotees will be able to take advantage of many facilities here.

People will perform rituals in temples all over state: Along with launch of "Shri Mahakal Lok" in Ujjain, a large number of people will gather in temples all over the state to perform Shiva Bhajan, Pooja, Kirtan, Abhishek, Aarti. There will be religious-cultural programmes and bhandaras.

At the meeting venue of Prime Minister Modi at Kartik Mela Ground, Ujjain, decorations centered on Shivamay theme have been done. Along with this, the holy atmosphere of the temple will be created through special sound, light and fragrance. Mahakal Stuti will be presented by eminent singer Shri Kailash Kher.

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