13 Oct 2022

Madya Pradesh: Residents of Bhopal UB City Colony troubled by pet lover who feed stray dogs in campus

These days the terror of stray dogs is being seen in many residential colonies of Madhya Pradesh capital Bhopal. However, the team of the Municipal Corporation is continuously working to catch the stray dogs. Despite this, the terror of dogs is increasing.

We are talking about UB City Colony on Kolar Road. Here the residents of the colony are troubled by the terror of dogs. 

Residents of Bhopal UB City Colony say that in fact the pet lovers living here are the cause of trouble for the people of the colony. Pet lovers bring stray dogs to the colony's campus and feed them. So the dogs don't go anywhere. 

If any residents drive away dogs, they talk of action against them. Not only this, they say that if the dogs are removed and there is a theft in someone's house, then who will be responsible for it. Pet lovers claim the dogs guard the colony.

At the same time, the residents troubled by the growing terror of dogs also called the Municipal Corporation. Two or three times the dog catcher vans also took away the dogs. But the pet lover of the colony are giving protection to these stray dogs, in such a situation. Residents say that if a dog bites a child, then who will be responsible for it.

Every day 30 to 40 people are being victimized in the city: Incidents of people getting bitten by stray dogs are increasing in Bhopal. Every day 30 to 40 new cases are coming to JP Hospital. These are the figures of JP Hospital alone.

If the figures of other government and private hospitals are also included, then the number of people getting bitten by dogs daily will be around 150. Whereas before this only about 20 cases were coming every day. Most of the victims are children. Dogs easily make children their prey.

Recently, a 7-year-old girl was attacked by dogs

Let us tell you that there is an atmosphere of panic in Bhopal due to stray dogs. Recently, a stray dog ​​attacked a 7-year-old girl. The girl's eye was poked. Not only this, dog attacked her on the head. Because of this the flesh had come out from inside the head. When her condition was critical, she was referred to Hamidia Hospital.

3 children were attacked by dogs: Since January 2022, three innocent children have been victimized by stray dogs.

In January, a four-year-old girl was attacked and injured by half a dozen stray dogs in the Bagh Sewaniya area. According to the information, within the last 8 months, stray dogs have carried out three major incidents. 

In February, in the Vardhman Park area of ​​​​Ashoka Garden, a 6-year-old girl was attacked by dogs. Two months ago, the body of a 7-year-old child was found in Dronachal of Military Area. Seeing the body, it was believed that the innocent had died in the dog attack.

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