31 Oct 2022

Morbi Gujarat Bridge Collapse: People Seen Hanging On To Broken Bridge In Videos Gone Viral After Tragedy

Morbi (Gujarat): Around 400 people fell into the Machchhu river when the cable suspension bridge collapsed in Gujarat's Morbi at around 6.30 pm on Sunday. More than 130 people have died in the accident. More than 70 people are injured. 

In the morning, the rescue operation of the teams of Army, NDRF and SDRF is going on. The check dam is being demolished to reduce the water in Machchhu river.

A case of culpable homicide has been registered against the management company of Bridge in the case. A committee has been formed to investigate.

PM Modi's roadshow in Ahmedabad cancelled. PM can go from Kevadiya to Morbi.

12 members of MP’s family died: 12 members of the family of Rajkot BJP MP Mohan Kundaria lost their lives. 

Videos of accident are viral: Some videos related to the accident are viral in social media. A video was visible immediately after the bridge collapsed, in which people are hanging on the broken bridge, pleading for help. After the accident, some people managed to swim and survived, while some others were saved by the people present there.

In one video people are seen hanging on the broken bridge soon after the accident. They all seem to be asking for help. It is reported that the people hanging on the bridge were later rescued.

Eyewitnesses said there were several women and children on the nearly 150-year-old bridge when cables supporting it broke, sending scores of people tumbling into the river below.

Firm had not taken fitness certificate: The firm that carried out the renovation of the bridge had not taken a fitness certificate from the authorities before reopening it, the local municipal body's chief Sandipsinh Zala told.

Gujarat's minister for Labour and Employment Brijesh Merja said that we are looking into the matter and the government takes responsibility for this tragedy. 

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