15 Oct 2022

Shreyas Talpade Praises Bhopal After Reaching Raja Bhoj Airport

Bhopal: Actor Shreyas Talpade, who gave Hindi voice to Allu Arjun in Iqbal, Golmaal and Pushpa, could not stop himself from praising Bhopal after arriving at the Raja Bhoj airport, Bhopal. He said- Bhopal airport is very beautiful. Very neat and clean. After shooting for about 2 hours at the airport, he left with his team.

Director of Bhopal Airport Ramji Awasthi told that actor Shreyas Talpade reached Bhopal on Saturday morning. He was shooting for the film. Here he had a shoot of his flight coming and going out of the airport. For this, the team of filmmakers had taken a two-hour schedule. It was a two-hour single day shoot at the airport. 

Shreyas and his team left after the morning shoot. According to the information, he is playing the lead role in the film Kartam Bhugtan.

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