25 Oct 2022

Surya Grahan 2022: Last Solar Eclipse Of This Year Today; Be Sure To Take These Precautions

New Delhi: On the second day of Diwali, the second and last solar eclipse of the year is happening today. Due to the eclipse in India, its Sutak period will be valid from morning. This eclipse will be partially visible in the country. In this article, know the timing of the solar eclipse, the Sutak period and what works are prohibited during this time.

SOLAR ECLIPSE TIME: This partially visible solar eclipse in India will be of 4 hours 3 minutes. The eclipse will take place at 2:29 pm in the afternoon and it will end at 6.32 pm. In India, it will start at 04:22 pm in the afternoon and will end at sunset.

WORSHIP IS PROHIBITED DURING SOLAR ECLIPSE: According to astrology, there are inauspicious effects of solar eclipse. For this reason, auspicious work and worship are not done during the eclipse. The auspiciousness of the Sun decreases during the eclipse period.


During the Sutak period, neither food is prepared nor taken. However, such rules are not applicable for sick, old and pregnant women.

If the food is already prepared, then take the basil (tulsi) leaf and put it in it. Add basil leaves to milk and things made from it as well as in water. Due to Tulsi leaves, the contaminated environment does not affect the food items.

Pregnant women should take special care. Do not leave the house from the time of Sutak till the eclipse is over. It is believed that if this is not done then the unborn child can be harmed.

Pregnant women should not use sharp objects from the Sutak period till the eclipse period is over.

Do not perform worship even in the temple of the house during the Sutak period. Chant the name of God mentally during the eclipse period.

Eclipse can be seen in major cities of the country at this time

Delhi- 4:29 pm to 5:42 pm

Amritsar - 4:19 pm to 5:48 pm

Bhopal - From 4:49 pm to 5:46 pm

Jaipur- 4:31 pm to 5:49 pm

Mumbai - 4:49 pm to 6.09 pm

Raipur - From 4:51 pm to 5:31 pm

(Note: The information given here is based on religious beliefs and calendar)

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