24 Nov 2022

Bharat Jodo Yatra: Rahul Gandhi In Madhya Pradesh On Day 2; What Did He Tell Tribals

Khandwa (MP): Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Yatra in Madhya Pradesh started in the second phase from Gurudwara Sahib of Dulhar Phata in Khandwa. The last stop of the yatra will be Chhaigaon Makhan. Night stay will be at Kherda. 

Priyanka also walking with Rahul: Priyanka Gandhi is also walking along with Rahul Gandhi. Priyanka Gandhi is on Bharat Jodo Yatra for 3 days. She will be on the journey till Ambedkar Nagar Mhow. The meeting is to be held in Mhow on 26 November.

Rahul reached the birthplace of Tantya Mama: Earlier, Rahul Gandhi reached the birthplace of tribal leader Tantya Mama. Addressing a gathering here, Rahul Gandhi said that the tribals are the real owners of this country. He said that BJP called tribals as Vanvasi i.e. forest dwellers, behind this they have a different thinking. For this, BJP should apologize to the tribals.

Maximum atrocities on tribals in MP: Rahul Gandhi said that the British got Tantya Mama hanged and the ideology of the RSS helped the British. Rahul Gandhi alleged that maximum atrocities on tribals are happening in Madhya Pradesh. We do not want such a state, we want a state that gives respect and protection to the tribals. Tantya Mama was an ideology.

Tribals are owner of this land: Rahul said that as Kamal Nath ji said – Tantya Mama is a symbol for us. He is also an ideology. Because of his thinking and ideology, I have come here today. Adivasi means those who lived first in India. Meaning- You people lived in this country even when there was no one else in this country. If you were the first to live here, then it is your right that you are the owner of this land.

Tantya Mama means tribal, struggle, fearlessness and revolutionary: What is the first word that comes to mind when we think of Tantya Mama? Tribal, struggle, fearlessness, revolutionary. When he was going to be hanged in front of the British, he was totally fearless.

Your children should get the rights: Rahul said he listened to Modi's speech a few days ago. In that he used a new word - Vanvasi. There is another thought behind this word. The thinking behind the tribal is that you are the original owner of this country. 

It means- you should have the right on your land, forest and water. But don't stop there. If you are the real owner then you and your children should get the rights. If your child dreams of becoming an engineer, then the government should provide full help.

BJP shuts down public sector, hurts tribals: If your daughter wants to become a doctor-engineer, then she should get full help. Because you deserve it. The forest is yours, but rights should be given outside the forest as well. When BJP governments privatize schools and colleges, hands them over to industrialists, your children will not be able to get education. When your families need a hospital, they cannot go there. BJP closes the public sector. When they privatize Railways, BHEL, it directly hurts the tribals.

Did you gain or lose from demonetization, GST: I ask you, did you gain or lose from demonetisation? GST, demonetisation hurt Dalits, tribals, labourers, backward people and farmers. Modi ji, bring one word, forest dwellers. This means you are not the first owner, you just live in the forest. Second meaning- You should not get any rights outside the forest. Third meaning – The forests are being cut by the BJP governments.

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