16 Nov 2022

G-20 Summit: PM Narendra Modi Pitches For Lifestyle For Environment Campaign For Earth's Safe Future

Bali: The G-20 summit in Bali, Indonesia ended on Wednesday afternoon. Host Indonesian President Joko Widodo handed over the chairmanship for the next year to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After getting the Presidency, Modi said – the world is looking towards India at this time. It has expectations from us. During the next one year, we would like the G-20 to work together.

World is looking at G-20 with hope

Modi said India is taking charge of the G-20 at a time when the world is simultaneously grappling with geopolitical tensions, economic slowdown, rising food and energy prices, and the long-term ill-effects of the pandemic. At such a time, the world is looking at the G-20 with hope. Today, I want to assure that India's G-20 presidency will be inclusive, ambitious, decisive, and action-oriented. 

Sense of ownership over natural resources is giving rise to conflict today

Over the next one year, we will strive to ensure that the G-20 acts as a global prime mover to envision new ideas and accelerate collective action. The sense of ownership over natural resources is giving rise to conflict today, and has become the main cause of the plight of the environment. For the safe future of the planet, the sense of trusteeship is the solution. LiFE i.e. 'Lifestyle for Environment' campaign can make a big contribution to this. Its purpose is to make sustainable lifestyles a mass movement. 

Modi dominated the summit

In Bali, Modi met US President Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. The importance of India on this world stage was exemplified during the first session on Tuesday.
Actually, Modi could not see the US President. He was getting up from the seat and going to the other side, then the US President called him and then both of them met warmly. Emmanuel Macron also reached there and the three leaders kept talking for some time.
After this, the new Prime Minister of Britain Rishi Sunak and Modi met twice. They met informally on Tuesday and had formal talks on Wednesday. Britain immediately announced that new visas would be issued to 3,000 Indians.




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