3 Nov 2022

Gujarat Assembly Polls On Dec 1 & 5, Result on Dec 8

Ahmedabad: The Gujarat polls will be held on December 1 and 5 in two phase and the results will be announced on December 8 along with Himachal Pradesh. The Election Commission has made this announcement while announcing the detailed schedule. 

In the first phase, votes will be cast on 89 seats in the state, while in the second phase, 93 seats will go to polls on December 5. 

During the press conference of the Election Commission of India in Delhi, Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar said that we want to express our condolences to the victims of Morbi incident. We pay tribute to them. 

He said that there are 4.91 crore voters in Gujarat, out of which 4.61 lakh are new voters. Of these, 9.87 lakh voters are above 80 years of age. Gujarat has 182 assembly seats. The term of the Legislative Assembly is ending on 18 February 2023.

The BJP holds majority in Gujarat with 111 MLAs. The polls are a three-cornered contest with the Congress and the AAP joining in. 

"For enhanced voting experience, 1274 polling stations will be completely managed by women and security staff. There will be 182 polling stations where one will be welcomed by PWD. For the 1st time, 33 polling stations will be set up and managed by the youngest available polling staff," the EC said. 

All arrangements will be made at the polling station for the convenience of 10,460 voters above 100 years of age, senior and differently-abled voters in the state.

A team of 15 election personnel will be sent for only one voter in Madhupur Jambur of Gir Somnath district.

If you see any discrepancy in the voting process, then voter should use C Vigil app.

Candidate's information will be available in KYC system, facility of voting from home for corona victims

Action will be taken by the Election Commission on complaint within 60 minutes.

The BJP, which has been ruling the state for nearly 25 years, is on the backfoot after the aftermath of the Morbi bridge collapse revealed glaring lapses, putting the Bhupendra Patel dispensation on a sticky wicket.

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