3 Nov 2022

Gujarat Assembly Elections 2022: Can Congress Tackle Challenges Facing It; Will AAP Play Spoilsport For Main Contenders

Ahmedabad: In the 2017 assembly elections, there was a tough fight between the BJP and the Congress. The fighting spirit of the Congress was praised. It was believed that the Congress had snatched Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh from the BJP through the momentum created from it. What will happen in 2022? The result will have a direct impact on the 2024 elections. Gujarat being the home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the BJP's performance will have more significance. According to the current situation in the state, the Aam Aadmi Party has grabbed headlines, but no one can say how many votes it will get.

Gandhi family yet to have a presence in elections: The Congress is the main opposition in Gujarat, but the Gandhi family is yet to have a presence in the state this time. Congress is active in the state on the strength of local leaders. 

Cong’s focus on rural seats: The party is focusing more on rural seats than in cities. Last time the Congress had snatched many seats from BJP in rural areas. Barring the state-wide Parivartan Sankalp Sabha of Congress, Congress is yet to become start large-scale campaigning in state. It is true that the Congress is focusing on tribal, Dalit majority and rural areas.

There are 182 assembly seats in the state. More than 100 seats are rural. Congress is focusing on these seats.

Will Cong be able to save its vote bank: The Congress has a double challenge in the 2022 elections. On the one hand it has to save as well as increase its vote bank. It will be interesting to see how the party will tackle this challenge. Ashok Gehlot, who stopped BJP at 99 last time, is in the role of chief observer this time, while Dr Raghu Sharma, who is called his disciple, is in charge of Gujarat.

Threat from AAP: The threat to the Congress is from AAP. It is believed AAP which will cut Cong’s votes. But it can now become a threat to BJP as well. The reason for this is AAP’s pattern of propaganda. If votes for BJP decline in the urban area, then Congress can benefit.

AAP in role of vote katwa? Many political observers believe the main contest is only between BJP and Congress and AAP is currently seen in the role of vote katwa. AAP has created a lot of hue and cry, but the serious contender is Congress. It is imperative for the BJP to form the government in 2022, because if it loses, it will have great impact on 2024 elections. 

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