3 Nov 2022

Indian Cough Syrup Had Not Caused Death Of Children In Gambia

New Delhi: There was a huge uproar in the past few days regarding three cough syrups of Maiden Pharma Company of India. It was claimed that in The Gambia, 66 children had died due to cough syrup of the same company. However, now the Medicine Control Agency of The Gambia has surprised everyone by giving a different statement.

Not confirmed: On this matter, the Gambia's Medicine Control Agency has said that it has not been confirmed that the cough syrup caused kidney damage in the children. Maiden Pharma has also issued an official statement saying that the exact cause of death of the children could not be confirmed.

Gambia's Medicines Control Agency, a national regulatory body, has not yet pinpointed the exact cause of the deaths. It informed that the medical agency was trying to establish exactly which medications, if any, each child took.

World Health Organisation (WHO) on 29 September had informed the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) that they were providing technical assistance and advice to Gambia, where children have died and where a contributing factor was suspected to be the use of Indian cough syrups.

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