25 Nov 2022

Gujarat Election 2022: Why No Candidate Goes To This Village Of Gujarat To Campaign

Rajkot: Amidst the election noise of Gujarat, let us tell you about a village. This village is in Rajkot district of Gujarat. This is a hi-tech village; it has all the modern facilities from Wi-Fi. Setting an example of good governance, the specialty of this village is that no candidate can campaign in this village.

How hi-tech this village is

This village of Gujarat is in Rajkot district. The name of this village is Raj Samadhiyala, twenty kilometers away from Rajkot. It is a hi-tech village. The village has CCTV, RO plant, Wi-Fi and internet facilities. The cleanliness of the village is an example. Here fines are imposed both for throwing garbage and not voting. No candidate can do election campaign in this most isolated village.

Why can't candidates campaign

This is because of the rules of the village - in which a fine has to be paid for not voting and no leader is allowed to campaign in the village. Along with this, it is also mandatory for every voter of the village to vote.

Why are the rules so strict

Actually the people of the village have formed a committee in the village. The name of this committee is Gram Vikas Samiti or Village Development Committee. The people of the village are bound by the rules of this committee. That's why the rules of this committee are strictly followed. Sarpanch in the village is also elected by consensus. Under the rules, if someone does not vote, then a valid reason has to be given, otherwise a fine of Rs 51 has to be paid. The total population of the village is 1700 out of which around 1000 are voters and there is 100 percent voting in every election in the village. 

Vote is given to leader who works for development of village

Since 1983, there is a rule in the village that no leader will campaign. Posters of any party will not be displayed here. According to the rules of the village, the vote is given to the same leader who has worked for the development of the village. The leaders of the village are also aware of the rules. The leaders are also well aware of the rules of the village committee. This is the reason why the leaders do not go to the villages to do any kind of propaganda. 

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