29 Nov 2022

Gujarat Elections 2022: Learn About Youngest MLA Harsh Sanghavi, Started Politics At Age Of 15

Ahmedabad: Gujarat's election noise is at its peak. The campaigning for the first round of voting will end on Tuesday. Amidst the election stories and news of Gujarat, let us tell you about the leader whose name holds the record of becoming the youngest MLA of Gujarat. This record is registered in the name of MLA Harsh Sanghavi from Surat in Gujarat.

Who is Harsh and how he became an MLA at a young age?

Gujarat's Home Minister Harsh Sanghavi holds the record of the youngest MLA. When Harsh was elected MLA, he was only 27 years old. Harsh, who became the youngest MLA in Gujarat, was also made the home minister of the state.

Harsh entered politics at the tender age of 15

You would be surprised to know that at the tender age of 15, Harsh started his political life. Firstly, Harsh joined the Yuva Morcha. Harsh worked on many big responsibilities in Pradeep Baghela's team in the youth front. In 2011, Harsh went to the Red Fort along with his Yuva Morcha colleagues to hoist the tricolor. At that time there was fierce lathi-charge on the youth front workers. 

Harsh was also injured in that. Harsh was elected MLA for the first time in 2012. At that time his age was 27 years. After that, now after the elections in 2017, Harsh is on a responsible post like the Home Minister of the state. Harsh contests from Majura seat.

Harsh Sanghavi is a diamond merchant

Apart from politics, Harsh is associated with diamond business. Harsh Sanghavi's father Ramesh Kumar Sanghavi is a diamond merchant. The name of Harsh's company is Girnar Corporation. Harsh Shanghvi's property is Rs 12.32 crore. His wife has more than 10 crore investments in different companies in her name. Harsh has immovable assets worth 5.10 crores. It also includes Harsh's ancestral home.

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