14 Nov 2022

Delhi Murder Case Update: A Jigsaw and A New Fridge Were Purchased To Kill Girlfriend, Aftab Used To Go To The Forest Every Night At 2 AM

New Delhi: Shocking revelations are coming to the fore in the Shraddha murder case in Delhi. Now such a story of this dreadful murder has come to the fore, which has sparked a debate on social media about love jihad. At the same time, people are surprised to think that how can anyone be so cruel. 

Jigsaw, incense sticks and fridge purchased for murder

About 6 months ago, Aftab, a resident of Delhi, brutally murdered his live-in partner Shraddha and cut her into 35 pieces. The story told by the police in this case is very frightening. For this murder, Aftab first bought a saw for the murder, with which he cut his girlfriend into small pieces.

Bought a new fridge for this purpose

He had planned to throw small pieces of the body at different places in Delhi. He wanted to do throw pieses in the wilderness and in deserted places. The pieces of the body were too much, for this he had also bought a new fridge. In this 300-litre refrigerator, he stored the pieces of his girlfriend's body and used to throw some pieces in the forest every day. For about 18 days, Aftab went to the forest at 2 o'clock in the night and threw the pieces of the body at deserted places.

Bought a stack of incense sticks

He told in his statement to the police that he used to light a lot of incense sticks everyday to hide the stench of the dead body. Aftab confessed to the crime and told that after killing Shraddha, he had kept three pieces of her hands and feet in the fridge and used to throw them in the bag every day. The policemen were also surprised to hear this sensational story.

Parents were unhappy with the relationship

Shraddha Madan was a resident of Malad, Mumbai, who used to work in the call center of a multinational company in Delhi. Aftab and he met in this call center. After 2019, both started living in live-in. After a quarrel in May 2022, Aftab killed Shraddha. After Shraddha went missing, her parents went to the police station near her house in Delhi and filed a report, which exposed the sensational murder.

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