14 Nov 2022

What Message Tanishaa Mukerji Sent To Youngsters On Children’s Day

Tanishaa Mukerji is a vocal environmentalist who often advocates for climate change and better living. She has time and again brought a change in mentalities regarding treating the environment and sets a great example of being carbon neutral. 

The actress, who is associated with 'Stamp' Foundation, takes the opportunity to send out a message to the youth of the nation on this Children’s Day. 

Tanishaa is a green warrior who actively promotes the upkeep of resources, goes on cleanliness drives and is an inspirational figure trying to advocate the need for carbon neutrality among the nation today. Tanishaa Mukerji is known for her works in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil films. 

Part of the Mukherjee-Samarth family, she is the daughter of filmmaker Shomu Mukherjee and actress Tanuja, and the younger sister of actress Kajol. 

She says, "Nature serves us endlessly and unconditionally. While all of us appreciate nature, it's important to make the time to serve nature, too. The message we need to give the children of today is that India needs to become carbon neutral. That is the goal we need to take on. Especially with people now dying of polluted air in Delhi and other places. 

She said further, “The next generation will have it tougher than any of us and it is now a necessity for us to start caring about how we conduct ourselves, what kind of footprints we leave behind. The need of the hour is to become carbon neutral. We need to progress with nature and not against nature. Since Children are the real strength of a nation and foundation of society, they need to be taught to care as well."

Children’s Day, celebrated on November 14, is recognized across India to increase awareness of the rights, care, and education of children. The day is also held as a tribute to India’s First Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Fondly known as “Chacha Nehru” among children. The nation usually celebrates Children’s Day with educational and motivational programs.

(By Dinesh Zala)

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