4 Nov 2022

Pieces Of Chinese Rocket Booster Splash Down Into Pacific Ocean, No Harm From Haphazard Crash

A Chinese rocket booster tumbled back to Earth during an uncontrolled reentry into the Pacific Ocean, marking the fourth time in two years for a haphazard crash of a rocket from China.

On October 31, China launched the final module of its Tiangong Space Station on a Long March 5B rocket. Nearly a week later, the rocket booster, about the size of two tractor-trailers, made an unplanned reentry into Earth's atmosphere, which experts said goes well above the 1 in 10,000 level of risk accepted by NASA and most nations with space programmes.

U.S. Space Command confirmed fragments of the rocket splashed down in two areas of the Pacific Ocean early Friday morning according to US time and on Friday night in India.

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