5 Nov 2022

Madhya Pradesh: 3 of African Cheetahs At Kuno Could Be Released In Big Enclosure Today; Suspense over Asha's Pregnancy Continues

Sheopur: Eight African cheetahs kept in acclimatisation enclosures at Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh could be released in big enclosure soon. 

However, there is threat from a leopard in the big enclosure. If all goes well, 3 cheetahs can be released today on Saturday.

The project of 8 Namibian cheetahs brought to the Kuno National Park on the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not progressing as fast as was expected. The reason is a leopard in the big enclosure where the cheetahs are to be shifted. 

All efforts to capture leopard failed

All efforts to capture the leopard failed. Result- The plan of shifting to the big enclosure got stuck . Even after 49 days of being brought to India, these cheetahs are still not able to get a big space for running.

However, today 3 cheetahs could be shifted to a bigger enclosure. Chief Wildlife Warden JS Chauhan has reached Kuno with his team. Chauhan said that 3 cheetahs are to be released on Saturday. Rest 5 will also be released in a phased manner. Experts believe that it will be easy for cheetahs to hunt deer and sambar in big enclosure. Their first prey will only strengthen their chances of further survival.

Cheetahs will hunt on their own in big enclosure

The prey species like Chitals have been introduced into soft enclosure so that the cheetahs can hunt them on their own. Cheetahs are currently living in a quarantine enclosure. Where food is being provided to them.

At the same time, there is doubt once again that female cheetah Asha is pregnant, because Asha will be kept in quarantine for a few more days and may not be released in big soft enclosure with other cheetahs. 

Ever since PM Modi released African cheetahs in the Kuno National Park, this wildlife reserve has been in the headlines. A high-level security arrangement has been made for security of cheetahs. The drone unit of Kuno National Park could purchase more drones in near future. Security guards have been deployed to beef up the security. 

However, visitors will have to wait for some more time to have a glimpse of cheetahs because Kuno National Park officials are in no haste to allow visitors inside the park to see cheetahs.

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