5 Nov 2022

Rajasthan: Leopard Enters House In Kota, Couple Saved Life By Locking Inside Room

Kota: A leopard entered a house in Kota, Rajasthan on Saturday morning. It went to the kitchen and sat down. Seeing the leopard in the kitchen, the man living in the house and his wife locked themselves in the room. They kept screaming to save their lives and the leopard kept growling in the kitchen.

Neighbours informed forest dept: The forest department team reached on the information of the neighbors, after a lot of effort, tranquilized and controlled the leopard. He was taken to Abheda Biological Park. But, by then he had pawed and injured four people.

Climbed on the roof of a house: Local people told- Leopard was seen in the vicinity of Shiv Jyoti Convent School in Mahavir Nagar Colony at 5 am. It attacked 4 people at different places here. Hearing the noise of the people, it climbed on the roof of a house. From here it got down the stairs and reached the kitchen of a house.

Forest department team tranquilized big cat: When the forest department team reached the spot, the leopard was in the kitchen. The team tranquilized him and made him unconscious. After that he was taken away from there.

Saw leopard in the terrace: Ram Vilas Meena (56), who was injured by the leopard attack, said that I came back from the walk at around 7 in the morning and as soon as the door of the terrace was opened to feed the birds, the leopard was seen in front. It groaned and attacked me. I grabbed both its legs. It was attacking by slapping on the neck. Then the leopard ran and jumped on a neighbour's roof, Meena said.

Could have come Chambal forest: ADM City Brajmohan Bairwa told that leopard has attacked two-three people. Theirondition is not serious. Injured have been admitted to the medical college for treatment. Where did the leopard come from? There is no information about it yet. This area is close to the Chambal river. There is a forest on the banks of Chambal. The leopard must have come from there. Nothing can be said now.

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