28 Nov 2022

Shraddha Murder case: Bid To Attack Van Carrying Aftab; 4-5 People Ran With Swords


New Delhi: Some people tried to attack the van carrying Shraddha murder case accused Aftab. These men followed the van while he was being taken away from the forensic science lab after the polygraph test. Of these, 4-5 people had swords in their hands. The police took out revolvers to control the attackers. Although cops did not fire. The police have taken two attackers into custody.
One of the attackers said that 15 people had come from Gurugram and were sitting in ambush outside FSL since 11 am. These people had brought many swords and hammers with them in a car. He said that we had come to cut Aftab into 70 pieces. He had cut our sister and daughter into 35 pieces.

The Third Battalion is responsible for transporting the prisoners to and from the jail. At the time when Aftab's van was attacked, there were 5 policemen including a sub-inspector in the van. The police van is completely safe.

Police found the weapon used in Shraddha's murder

Delhi Police got a big success. Police recovered the weapon used in Shraddha's murder on Monday. Delhi Police sources said Shraddha's ring has also been recovered, which Aftab had gifted to another girl after the murder.
This girl also came to Aftab's flat after the murder. During that time pieces of Shraddha's body were kept in the fridge in the flat itself. Police had said that Aftab had contacted the other girlfriend through the dating app.

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