29 Dec 2022

Agriculture Success Story: He Changed His Fortune With Farming, Is Respected Across The Country


Gena Bhai Patel is the name which is known to all in Gujarat. When any big personality steps on the soil of Gujarat, he surely mentions name of Gena Bhai. Why is it like this. Why everyone gives his example. Let us tell you what is the achievement of Gena Bhai. Actually Gena Bhai is a farmer from Gujarat. He is Divyang but still he has registered his name in the hearts and minds of the people with his zeal and way of doing farming.

Know who is Gena Bhai Patel

Gena Bhai Patel, a resident of Gujarat, has so far received 17 awards for agriculture across the country. Gena Bbhai Dardhabhai Patel lives in Golia village of Lakhani, Banaskanth district of Gujarat. 

Gena Bhai met Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the country's agricultural fair held in Disha in 2004-2005. Gaina Bhai got impressed by Prime Minister Modi and expressed his desire to take up farming again. Due to his disability, farming was not easy for Gena Bhai but he did farming with persistence. He started with pomegranate cultivation.

Gena Bhai did many experiments in farming

Farming was not easy for Genabhai because of his disability. But Genabhai stood firm on his determination. Genabhai got CCTV cameras installed in it to take care of the entire farming. Along with that, Genabhai got pomegranate plants planted in such a way that he could inspect the entire field with his tricycle. See each and every plant with your own eyes.

Cultivated scientifically

Gena Bhai did farming in a scientific way. Gena Bhai earned lakhs by doing scientific farming. Earlier, Gena Bhai could earn only fifty to sixty thousand rupees from pomegranate crop. After doing scientific farming, Gena Bhai got huge profit in pomegranate crop and he is now earning lakhs.
Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has also given a reward of one lakh to Genabhai for pomegranate crop.

Has received Padma Shri Award

Gena Bhai has also been awarded the Padma Shri Award by the Government of India. Gena Bhai Patel has made a different identity with his hard work and dedication. Gena Bhai is an example for the farmers of the country. Gena Bhai has so far received 17 awards including 4 National Awards.

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