29 Dec 2022

Coronavirus Updates: Risk Of Fresh Global Outbreak Increases; China Lifting Restrictions On Foreign Visits Of Its Tourists

Milan (Italy): China is relaxing the Covid restrictions despite the presence of large number of corona patients in the country. It has decided to reduce the threat level of Covid from 'A' to 'B' in the New Year. Due to this, there will be no need to quarantine the corona patient.

China will issue passports to lakhs of its citizens

China has also announced that it will issue  lakhs of ordinary passports to people wishing to travel abroad during the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday starting next month. This has increased the risk of a fresh outbreak of Covid across the world.

Relaxation given for first time after 20202

Due to Corona, China remained cut off from the whole world for almost three years, as most of the countries had imposed travel restrictions. That's why it is lifting restrictions on foreign visits of its tourists. For the first time after 2020, China is giving this relaxation, but this step is being considered worrisome from the point of view of Covid worldwide.

Passenger ticket booking increased from China

On the other hand, according to travel companies and Qunar, there has been a five- to eight-fold increase in international ticket bookings and related searches by Chinese travelers after the easing of restrictions by China. Chinese people showed interest in traveling to Japan, Thailand, South Korea, USA, UK and Australia.

Half Of Passengers Reaching Italy From China Test Positive

There was a stir after half the passengers of a flight arriving from China to Milan, Italy were found to be corona infected. Due to this, the risk of spreading of corona from China to other countries has increased further. For this reason, seven countries including India and America have made it mandatory for passengers coming from China to present Covid negative report before boarding the plane.

Passengers have been found corona positive in two flights arriving from China to Milan. Out of 92 passengers of one flight, 35 i.e. 38 percent and out of 120 passengers of the other flight, 62 i.e. 52 percent passengers have been found to be Covid positive.

India Made RT-PCR Test Mandatory For Passengers From China

In view of the increasing Covid infection in China, India's Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya has made RT-PCR test mandatory for passengers coming from China on Saturday. This test will be necessary for those coming to India from China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand. 

On arrival in India, any traveler from these countries who is found to have symptoms of corona or is found to be infected with Covid-19 will be quarantined. Similarly, America, Japan, Malaysia have also made Covid negative test mandatory for those coming from China.

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