22 Dec 2022

BF.7 Variant: What Is This New Sub-variant And How Dangerous Is It

New Delhi: BF.7, a sub-variant of Omicron virus is behind  spread of infection in large population in China leading to collapse of health infrastructure in that country.

Experts say whenever a virus mutates, it starts a new category (lineage) or sub-category. BF.7 is nothing but a sub-category of the earlier version of BA. It is developed by mutating (breaking) from the subvariant BA.5 of Omicron.

BF.7 has strongest infection transmission ability

This month, in an article published in a scientific journal Cell Host and Microbe, BF.7 has been described as a virus with four times more immunity than its actual variant. Which means that even those infected in the past or vaccinated humans have very little ability to destroy or fight against BF.7 as it is four times more powerful as far as the capacity of the virus to spread infection is concerned. Its capacity to infect people is more that the Wuhan virus. BF.7 has strongest infection transmission ability

It is believed that due to this sub-variant, the crisis in China is deepening at this time. This variant is more capable of causing infection.

According to some reports, this sub-variant can infect already infected people or people who have taken the vaccine. That is if a person has had corona earlier or has got vaccinated, then antibodies are formed in his body. The BF.7 variant is capable of dodging this antibody as well and entering the body.

Countries where BF.7 has been found besides China

Cases of this sub-variant have been found in several countries, including the US, UK, Belgium, Germany, France, and Denmark. In October, BF.7 accounted for 5 percent of the total infections in the US, while the UK had 7.26 percent.

Scientists in western countries are closely monitoring this variant. Because of this, there has been no rapid increase in cases of infection dramatically in these countries.

Indian vaccine very effective

Both India's vaccines, Covaxin and Covishield, are very effective. But the people in China have been vaccinated with vaccines that are far less effective.

Experts say that if a vaccine is more than 80 percent effective, then it is called a very good vaccine. However, according to the World Health Organization, Indian vaccines are more than 60 percent effective. Our vaccines arefar above WHO's standards.

Amid the rapidly increasing cases of corona, the Ministry of Health of India has issued a new notification.

In this, it has been advised to follow the five-stage Covid measures. These are five step measures – Test-Track-Treat-Vaccination and follow Covid-appropriate behaviour.

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