22 Dec 2022

Parliament Winter Session 2022: Lok Sabha Proceedings Adjourned For The Day Due To Uproar

New Delhi: Opposition members in the Lok Sabha on Thursday created a ruckus on the issue of China, due to which the House was adjourned for the day after several adjournments.

After four adjournments, as soon as the presiding officer Rama Devi started the proceedings of the house at 4.30 pm, members of the Congress and other opposition parties started creating ruckus in the middle of the House.

Amid the uproar, Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal proposed to send the 'Public Trust Amendment Bill 2022' to the Standing Committee to abolish old laws, which was passed by a voice vote.

The Presiding Officer Rama Devi urged the members not to create ruckus and said that there are important works to be done in the House so all the members should go to their seats. But the members did not listen to her and kept on raising slogans and disrupted the proceedings. The House was then adjourned for the day.

Earlier today, there was uproar in the Lok Sabha throughout the day due to which no work was done in the House. As soon as the Question Hour started at 11 am, the opposition members created ruckus, due to which the House was adjourned. 

When the House reassembled at 12 noon, then it was subjected to ruckus. The House started at two o'clock, then it was again adjourned for two hours and when it started for the fourth time after adjournment at four o'clock, it was adjourned athalf-past four due to uproar.

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