24 Dec 2022

China Covid Situation Uncontrollable, Record 3.7 Crore Cases In A Day, Long Queues Outside Crematoriums

Beijing: The situation in China has become uncontrollable due to Corona. Bloomberg has quoted China's National Health Commission as saying that on Tuesday, 3.7 crore cases were reported here in a single day. However, only 3 thousand cases were reported on this day in the official figures. 

According to the report, 24 crore 80 lakh people have been infected in the first 20 days of this month. Earlier in January, 40 lakh corona patients were found in one day.

More than half of Beijing population infected

Beijing's swift dismantling of Covid Zero restrictions has led to the large-scale spread of the highly contagious omicron variants in a population with low levels of natural immunity. More than half the residents of Sichuan province, in China's southwest, and the capital Beijing have been infected, according to the estimates. 

People are being given drip on roads

Human rights activist Jennifer Zheng, who monitors China and the Chinese Communist Party, has posted a video. It is seen that people are being given drip by tying ropes on the roads. All this is happening due to lack of beds in the hospitals. Significantly, a similar picture went viral on Friday as well, in which children were found to have drip while studying in a classroom in China.

People stand in long queues outside crematoriums

Dead bodies are being stored in containers in China. Funerals are being held 24 hours a day in Beijing's largest crematorium. People stand in long queues outside crematoriums carrying dead bodies in vehicles.

Acute shortage of medicines 

There is also an acute shortage of medicines in China. According to the Observer Research Foundation (ORF), people here are searching for anti-covid drugs online. There is a lot of demand for generic anti viral medicine made in India.

The BF.7 variant spreading in China has spread to 91 countries of the world including India. According to the report of Scripps Research Institute, this variant has been around for the last two years. However, this dangerous has happened now.

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