22 Dec 2022

Covid-19 Crisis: Amid Deteriorating Covid Situation in China, Cases Surge in Japan, France, America, Other Countries

Beijing: The situation is getting worse due to Corona in China. The number of patients has increased so much that beds are falling short in hospitals. Now the risk of corona is increasing in Japan, South Korea and France. According to the data of, the number of patients in these countries is 10 lakh 65 thousand, 4 lakh 61 thousand and 3 lakh 58 thousand respectively. Cases are also increasing in America and other countries.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) says that it is too early to declare the global end of Corona. That means Corona will still remain a global emergency. WHO has said this in view of increasing cases of infection after the lifting of the lockdown in China.

 New wave may result in new variants

Meanwhile, Chinese health experts have warned that a new wave of coronavirus infections that have hit China may result in new variants, prompting authorities to set up a nationwide network of hospitals to monitor mutations of the deadly virus.

Germany sends vaccine to China

Germany has sent the first batch of BioNTech Kovid vaccine to China from Berlin on Wednesday. This vaccine will first be given to 20,000 German immigrants living in China.

Situation deteriorated in France, 57 thousand cases were found in one day

Corona cases are increasing in France. On December 16, 57,849 cases were reported here. The government is appealing people to wear masks. People are being advised to get booster dose. Here, on December 20, 87,759 cases were reported in South Korea. 56 people had died.

Total cases above 10 crore in America

Covid cases have started increasing once again in America too. On Wednesday, the figure of total infected cases crossed 10 crore. According to a special report of 'New York Times', the biggest concern for the Biden administration is the vaccination of the elderly.

According to the report – 94% of senior citizens aged 65 years or above have taken the first two vaccine doses. Worryingly, 36% of the elderly are those who have not had booster shots and are being considered at risk in the new wave. 

Medical experts believe that the government does not even have a concrete plan to deal with this problem. The problem is also because the number of hospitalized patients aged 70 years or more has been four times more than younger people.

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