20 Dec 2022

Covid Crisis In China: Corona Cases Doubling In Hours, Hospitals Overburdened

Beijing: After the relaxation of Corona restrictions in China, the pace of infection is increasing rapidly there. After the end of the zero-covid policy, there is a huge increase in the cases. The situation is so serious that all the beds in the hospitals are full. There are no medicines, wherever they are, long queues have to be formed.

Waiting list for last rites has reached 2000

Last rites are being performed round-the-clock in crematories in Beijing. The situation has become so bad that the waiting list for last rites has reached 2000. Experts say that corona cases in China are doubling in hours, not days.

Shocking videos shared

Eric Fiegl-Ding, American public health scientist who is currently chief of Covid Task Force at the New England Complex Systems Institute in America, has shared shocking videos from China on social media. Worrying conditions of hospitals, crematoriums and medical stores are visible in these. 

60% of China's population will be infected

Giving a big warning on Corona, he said that in 90 days, 60% of China's population and 10% of the world's people will be infected with Corona. There is a possibility of about 10 lakh deaths.

Meanwhile, China has continued to downplay the deteriorating situation, reporting eleven official deaths due to the virus since mid-November, despite logging more than 10,000 daily infections since then.

But the workers at crematoriums and the videos showing overburdened hospitals in China tell a different tale.

Hospitals overburdened, crematoriums overwhelmed

Several videos have been shared on social media with claims that hospitals in China are being overwhelmed due to rising infection cases. Workers at mortuaries also have to put in extra shifts to handle the surge in Covid deaths. But there have been no official confirmations of the same.

Vaccination only 38%, immunity not developed

Experts say that till now only 38% vaccination has been done in China. It is only 10% in people over the age of 65. 

Due to the zero covid policy, even the immune system could not develop in people to fight against corona. In such a situation, due to people socializing suddenly, there was bound to be a corona explosion. However, China claims that 90% of their population is fully vaccinated.

Some restrictions re-imposed

Owing to the sudden rise, some restrictions have been reimposed in several districts, with shops, schools and restaurants closed.

Why Corona cases are rising in China?

The Omicron variants that are circulating in China right now are far more infectious than the previous subvariants and this is the reason behind the sudden COVID surge despite the strong measures. 

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