14 Dec 2022

Deepak Chaurasia now embarks on the journey of 'Bharat Express', trends at number one on Twitter


New Delhi: Deepak Chaurasia is a well-known name in the news world. He doesn't need any introduction. After remaining silent for the last few days, today he is once again in the headlines. He informed the fans about his new journey on Twitter. Fans also welcomed it with enthusiasm and in no time #WelcomBackDeepakChaurasia became the number one trending on Twitter.

     Deepak Chaurasia is a well known journalist
     He has served as editor of many TV channels.
     Currently, he is starting his new innings with Bharat Express Channel.

Deepak is starting a new journey with Bharat Express

Deepak Chaurasia tweeted and told the fans that he is starting his new journey with Bharat Express Media Group. Bharat Express Media Group was started by senior journalist Upendra Rai. Upendra Rai has given new heights to channels like Tehelka Magazine, Star News, Sahara India and CNBC Awaaz.
Deepak Chaurasia will be seen in Bharat Express prime time show Bharat at 8 pm.

Tweeted information

Deepak is originally from Madhya Pradesh and holds a degree in journalism from IIMC Delhi. Deepak's journey in TV journalism started with a 20-minute bulletin from Aaj Tak. After this he worked as an editor in Aaj Tak Star News and India News. After being the Editor-in-Chief of India News, Deepak joined News Nation as Consulting Editor. Now Deepak is going to start his new innings as Consulting Editor with Bharat Express Group.
Today, he informed his fans about his new journey by tweeting. He wrote, “Starting on a new journey, to achieve a new place in the world of journalism with Bharat Express. Again your Deepak will connect with you heartily, in its original form, with the same attitude. Wish you all the best. Heartfelt gratitude to all of you for being my companions till now.
For the time being, Team Live India wishes Deepak all the best for his new innings.


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