9 Dec 2022

Delhi MCD Election Results: Central Government Will Have Say In Election of Delhi Mayor

Delhi MCD Election Results: The results of Delhi Municipal Corporation elections have come but Delhi has not got its new mayor yet. In fact, due to the rules, the coronation of the mayor may have to wait till April. In order to remove this obstacle, a change will have to be made in the Municipal Corporation's Act. Failing this, permission will have to be taken from the Ministry of Home Affairs. Amidst all this, it can be said that at present the election of the Mayor is now in the hands of the Central Government.

First meeting will be held in April 2023

Anil Kumar, who was the Chief Law Officer in the Municipal Corporation, says that Article 35 of the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act clearly states that the election of mayor and deputy mayor will be held every year. Which will start from 1st April. In such a situation, it is possible to hold the first meeting of the elected members only in April. 

However, after unifying all the three corporations, the Act has been amended. There is a provision in this that if there is any problem in the implementation of the Act, then the Central Government can remove it by issuing an order. There will be no need to amend the Act for this. The central government has this power for two years. However, these orders will have to be presented in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

LG will decide the presiding officer

As soon as the election is over, the State Election Commission will issue notification of the winning candidates and send it to the Corporation Commissioner. With this list, the Corporation Secretary writes a letter to the Lieutenant Governor. In this, a request is made to fix the date of the meeting of the members and appoint a presiding officer to conduct the election of the mayor. After this, the Lieutenant Governor will be able to take further decisions after consulting the Central Government according to the Act.

Corporators, MLAs, MPs Rajya Sabha members will vote

The mayor of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi will be elected by 250 councilors of MCD, along with this 13 MLAs of Delhi, seven Lok Sabha MPs, three Rajya Sabha members can vote.Those having the majority win. The nominated members do not have the right to vote in this. After the corporation elections, the Lieutenant Governor appoints the members of the seven Lok Sabha constituencies of Delhi as corporation members. Similarly Rajya Sabha members are declared as members. The Lieutenant Governor announces this by issuing a notification.

Nomination date before meeting

The Lieutenant Governor has the right to call the meeting of the MCD, whenever he tells the date of calling the House, at least 10 days before that, the nomination dates of the candidates for the post of Mayor and Deputy Mayor will be announced by the Office of the Corporation Secretary. 

After nominating any member, the Lt. Governor nominates ten members who are experts in various fields above the age of 25 years before the election. These members do not have the right to vote in the House on any issue ranging from mayor election to corporation. 

While these members can vote in the Ward Committee. In the terms of 2017 and 2022, the nominated members have been up to the Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee.

68 assembly seats in Delhi

Members equal to one-fifth of the members of the Delhi Legislative Assembly are made members of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. They are appointed by the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. There are 68 assembly constituencies in the corporation area. One-fifth or 13 members have been the members of the corporation. These members have the right to vote in the election of mayor and deputy mayor.

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