8 Dec 2022

Delhi MCD Elections 2022: What Factors Led to BJP's Defeat, What Is The Message From Poll Result


New Delhi: This victory of AAP in Delhi MCD Elections 2022 is opening many possibilities and avenues for the party, while it is also inviting challenges, but what are these challenges and what is the meaning of this victory for Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party. 

BJP did not talk on local issues: In the election, BJP did not talk on local issues, due to which it suffered losses. Instead, the BJP raised the issue of providing services to Satyendar Jain inside the jail in the election, accused him of liquor scam, raised the name of Manish Sisodia.
BJP was in Delhi MCD for 15 years but they did not tell about their achievements, did not make them the issue, because their work was not good, AAP got benefited from it.
The common man understands that if the government has been handed over to Kejriwal, then the MCD should also be handed over once, so that local issues can be resolved quickly.
AAP connected with people: Connecting with people was also the reason for Arvind Kejriwal's victory. Anti-incumbency and corruption are also big reasons against BJP's loss in Delhi MCD polls.
BJP got 39 pc votes: In the 2017 MCD elections, BJP got 39 percent votes, even after five years its vote share has not decreased, but the seats have definitely decreased. On the other hand, the vote share of the Congress has come down from around 21 percent to around 11 percent, this reduction of the Congress is linked to the Aam Aadmi Party.
Big message: The victory in Delhi MCD has also served as a big message. AAP has shown that BJP can be defeated. If you fight the elections with determination, you can defeat the BJP, but for that you will have to organize and talk on the agenda.

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