15 Dec 2022

Harish's Luck Shines With Aloe Vera, Left The Government Job, Now Earns Crores

Jaipur: Aloe Vera – Who does not know this name of Ayurveda. Many of us eat aloe vera, take it in many types of medicines for better health, and many use aloe vera to brighten the skin. Let us introduce you to a person today who brightened his fortune with Aloe Vera. Harish Dhandev's luck became so bright with Aloe Vera that he earned crores every year year.

How did Harish get involved with Aloe Vera?

Harish did his B.Tech in 2012 from Jaipur. After BTech, Harish was doing MBA. Meanwhile, he got a job in the municipality of Jaisalmer. 

Harish, who belongs to Rajasthan, started working as a junior engineer in the municipality. Harish was doing both studies and work. But Harish did not find his workm interesting. Harish wanted to do farming like his family. At the same time, Harish came to know about Aloe Vera. Harish started the cultivation of Aloe Vera.

How he started farming 

Harish met a person from Bikaner Agricultural University. He gave him the idea of aloe vera farming. Harish had enough resources for farming but did not know how to use them.

That person taught Harish how to cultivate aloe vera. Harish considered other aspects before starting farming on a large scale. 

Harish did research among the farmers around and came to know that – other farmers of the area also planted aloe vera but they could not sell it, so they were in loss. At that time, Harish immediately understood that a market has to be found to sell Aloe Vera.

Harish did marketing for Aloe Vera

Harish prepared the marketing strategy for Aloe Vera. After that he started applying aloe vera. He first pPlanted Baby Densis species of Aloe Vera. Harish first started it in ten bighas, now Harish is doing this farming in 700 acres.

Harish supplies aloe vera to  Patanjali

Due to Harish's marketing strategy, he is making steady progress. Harish also sells aloe vera to Ayurveda. Apart from this, many Ayurvedic firms take aloe vera due to its rich Ayurvedic properties, as well as it is in demand in foreign countries as well.

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