15 Dec 2022

Hijab Protests in Iran: Iran Removed From UNCSW, India Neutral

Suppressing the ongoing anti-hijab movement in Iran cost Iran dear. The United Nations has thrown it out of the Women's Commission i.e. UNCSW. Iran became a member of UNCSW this year. Its tenure was till 2026 but in the middle it was thrown out of this important institution by the member countries on the basis of majority. During the voting on this issue, India adopted neutrality and stayed out of voting.

Anti-hijab movement in Iran

UN angry with suppressing the movement

Iran thrown out of CSW

America had given a proposal against Iran

54 countries are members of UNCSW

16 countries including India abstained from voting

India remained neutral during the voting on the resolution

Women have taken to the streets protesting against the ongoing hijab protests in Iran. The government of Iran took strict measures to suppress the movement. 

During this action, many men including women have been killed by police bullets. Expressing strong displeasure over this action, the US proposed to remove Iran from the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW). 

Voting took place in the 54-member UNCSW on Wednesday. In the voting, 29 countries voted in support of the proposal, while 8 countries including Russia and China strongly opposed this proposal and voted against it. 

While there were 16 countries including India which remained absent from this voting. India adopted a policy of neutrality on this issue. 

In such a situation, the resolution was passed on the basis of majority and Iran was thrown out of this important institution of UN. Iran became a member of UNCSW this year.

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