23 Dec 2022

MP Congress: Kamal Nath Who Helped Congress Return To Power In Madhya Pradesh, Know These Special Things About Him

Kamal Nath Congress leader. He is currently the President of Madhya Pradesh Congress and has been the former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. Kamal Nath is that name of the country's politics who is called Chanakya of Congress. He became a Member of Parliament after winning 9 consecutive terms and continued to hold the charge of different ministries for a long time. Let us tell you how it started.

Nath was a classmate of Sanjay Gandhi

Kamal Nath's political journey had started with the friendship with Sanjay Gandhi. Kamal Nath was a classmate of Sanjay Gandhi in Doon School. 

Kamal Nath tells that he used to study with Rajiv Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi in Doon School. When Indira Gandhi used to come to meet him, Kamal Nath also used to go with him. Recalling the days of Doon School, Kamal Nath says that, “We used to go to the government guest house to meet Indira Gandhi. During that time Kamal Nath used to address Indira Gandhi as "Aunty".

Political life started after college

Kamal Nath was born in Kanpur in 1946. He took admission in St. Xavier's College Kolkata after completing his schooling from Doon School. At that same time, Sanjay Gandhi pitted Kamal Nath against Priyaranjan Das and Siddarth Shankar Ray.

Emergency changed political life

There was a close friendship between Kamal Nath and Sanjay Gandhi. When Sanjay Gandhi had to go to jail during Emergency. Kamal Nath also went to jail so that Sanjay Gandhi does not face any kind of trouble in jail. Kamal Nath quarreled with the judge to go to jail. 

Seeing Kamal Nath's dedication towards Sanjay Gandhi, Indira Gandhi considered him as her third son. The journey of Kamal Nath's political life started from here.
These things related to the life of Kamal Nath are mentioned by Vinod Mehta in his book "Sanjay Gandhi Untold Story".

Kamal Nath sought ticket from MP's Betul seat

Kamal Nath liked Madhya Pradesh more. In 1977, when Emergency was imposed, the Congress could win only the Chhidwara seat in Madhya Pradesh. At the same time, Kamal Nath had sought ticket from Madhya Pradesh. Kamal Nath liked the Betul seat and got the ticket from Betul seat. But the Congress took that ticket back because the workers there were angry over the denial of ticket to the sitting MP. After this Kamal Nath was given ticket from Chhindwara. Kamal Nath contested and won the election of MP from Chhindwara in 1980.

Chhindwara and Kamal Nath became each other's identity

In 1980, when Kamal Nath got ticket from Chhindwara for the first time, Indira Gandhi came to campaign for him.
Indira Gandhi told voters that you should think that you are voting for my son and not for Congress.
Since then Kamal Nath is called the third son of Indira Gandhi.
Kamal Nath won the election from Chhindwara nine times consecutively.
The Kamal Nath's journey to become a minister started in 1991.
Kamal Nath handled the work of many important ministries in the central government including Ministry of Textiles, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Urban Development.
During this, Kamal Nath kept pace with Congress and a time came when Kamal Nath began to be known as Chanakya of Congress.
Kamal Nath's proximity to the Gandhi-Nehru family was the biggest reason for his growing stature in the Congress.
Kamal Nath once lost the election from Chhindwara.
After Kamal Nath's name cropped up in the Jain Hawala scandal, he fielded his wife Alka Nath in the election.
Alka Nath won but then Kamal Nath himself contested the election after getting her to resign.
But Sunderlal Patwa defeated Kamal Nath in the by-election.
Kamal Nath also became the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.
Kamal Nath took charge of Madhya Pradesh Congress in 2018.
He became the President of Madhya Pradesh Congress.
Under his leadership, the Congress formed the government in Madhya Pradesh.
The government fell in a year and a half.
Now Kamal Nath as the President of Madhya Pradesh Congress is making a strategy to form the Congress government for the year 2023.

Kamal Nath has been in controversies many times

Kamal Nath's name has also been in controversies many times. After the assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984, his name came up in the Sikh riots in Delhi, although his role in that case could not be clear.
In the Jain hawala scandal of 1990 also, KN was written in the diary of Jain brother. It was said that KN stood for Kamal Nath.

Kamal Nath is a successful businessman

In 2011, Kamal Nath was counted as the richest Union Minister of the country. He has assets of two billion 71 crore rupees. Kamal Nath has built a helipad in his mansion-like house in Chhindwara. Kamal Nath is one of the few leaders who fly in his own chopper. Kamal Nath is also a good business man. He has businesses related to real estate, hospitality and education, which are being handled by Kamal Nath's two sons Nakul Nath and Bakul Nath.

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