23 Dec 2022

Coronavirus Updates: 10 Lakh New Cases, 5000 Deaths Daily In China, What Is Situation In Japan, America

Beijing: The situation is getting worse in China due to Coronavirus. Airfinity, a London-based global health intelligence company, says that 10 lakh corona patients are coming to the fore daily in China. Also, 5 thousand deaths are happening in 24 hours. If this continues, the daily cases will increase to 37 lakh in January. Whereas in March this figure will be 42 lakhs.

However, in the official figures from China, only 2 thousand 966 new cases and 10 deaths have been reported on Wednesday. Earlier, Airfinity had told in its estimation that there could be 21 lakh deaths after the zero covid policy is over in China.

Omicron has killed 41 children in Japan

After China, the risk of corona has increased in Japan. According to the Japan Times report, the 8th wave has arrived here and children are dying due to the Omicron variant. 41 children have lost their lives in 8 months. The worsening situation in China has increased Japan's concern.

Experts say that the new variant of Omicron can prove fatal. Omicron has killed 41 children so far. Of these, 15 children were not already sick. Out of these 15, 4 children were less than one year old. The age of 2 children was between one and 4 years and 9 children were above 5 years of age.

Sub-variants of Omicron spreading infection in America

In America too, the Omicron variant is creating difficulties for the people. According to a report by Johns Hopkins University, since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of corona infected in the US has crossed 100 million. Here the new sub-variants of Omicron are considered to be the main reason for 70% of the corona cases.

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