18 Dec 2022

Pakistan's Ruling Party Leader Shazia Marri Threatens India With Nuclear Attack

Pakistan Peoples Party leader Shazia Marri on Saturday threatened India with a nuclear attack. Shazia said that we have not made atom bomb to sit silently. Marri's statement has come at a time when there is strong protest in India against the statement of Pakistan's Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

In the press conference held in support of Bilawal, Shazia said that if there is any action from India, it will be answered. Shazia said, 'Pakistan knows how to respond. We will not back down if the need arises.' Shazia further said, 'I have fought the delegates sent by the Modi government on many forums.'

This is India's propaganda: Shazia said that the Indian minister had said in the UN that Pakistan is the epicenter of terror. This is all their propaganda. It has not happened once. We fight even when we are in Opposition. We also have to protect our country and expose the conspiracy of wrong propaganda against the country.

It may be known that after Bilawal Bhutto's uncivil statement, the tension between the two countries has increased. In such a situation, Shazia's statement is even more provocative.

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