19 Dec 2022

Riots in France; Fans Turn Violent In Many Cities After France Loses FIFA Final, Smashed Vehicles, Clashed with Police

Paris: Riots broke out in France after Argentina secured a thrilling 4-2 penalty shootout victory over France to lift the FIFA World Cup on Sunday. Riots occurred in several cities and people burnt and smashed the vehicles and damaged properties.

Police use teargas

Thousands of football fans hit the streets in Paris, Nice and Lyon after France lost to Argentina. To control the situation, the police had to use teargas. Thousands of policemen have been deployed in Paris. 

Police said that violent incidents have also taken place in Lyon, Nice. Fans also clashed with each other in Paris's famous Avenue Champs Elysees.

Videos show commotion and chaos on streets

Lakhs of fans had gathered in public places in French cities to watch France's victory, the official said. However, they became uncontrollable after the 4-2 loss to Argentina. Angry fans also clashed with the police. Many people have been detained. Water canons were also used at many places to control the fans.

Videos posted on social media showed violence and chaos on the streets even as police personnel tried to maintain the law and order situation. Police officers were attacked with rocks and fireworks. A Twitter user claimed, "In Lyon, a woman was attacked as she was trying to drive past the rioters."

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