1 Dec 2022

Shraddha Murder: Aaftab's Narco Test Over; Told- Where He Threw Shraddha's Mobile And Clothes

New Delhi: The narco test of Shraddha murder case accused Aaftab Amin Poonawalla is over. Sanjeev Gupta, assistant director of the Forensic Science Lab, said that after the polygraph test, Aaftab confessed to killing Shraddha in the narco test as well. 

According to media reports, he has also given information about where Shraddha's mobile and clothes were thrown.

Narco test lasted for 2 hours: Delhi Police took Aftab to Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital in Rohini at 8.40 am, where he was given a general check-up before the test. According to officials, the test started at 10 am and ended after about two hours.

According to hospital sources, Aaftab answered most of the questions asked in the test in English. Sanjeev Gupta said that during the narco test, psychologists, photo experts from Forensic Lab Rohini and doctors from Ambedkar Hospital were present.

The police are suspicious because of his good conduct: An officer involved in the investigation said that Aaftab is very clever and can bring a new twist to the case at any time. Till now he is obeying the police and is cooperating in the investigation. Even agreed for polygraph and narco test. The police are suspicious on account of his unusually good behaviour.

Aaftab was very confident during interrogation: It has also been learned from police sources that Aaftab was very confident during interrogation. He replied very quickly and relaxed. It seemed that he was giving his answers thoughtfully beforehand. 

The police also suspect that when Aaftab was called for questioning by the Mumbai Police in September-October, some body parts of Shraddha were present in his Delhi flat.

Aftab's new girlfriend gave statement: Delhi Police has interrogated Aaftab's new girlfriend. The girl said that when she used to come to Aaftab's house to meet him, she had no idea that Aaftab had kept the pieces of Shraddha's dead body in this house.

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