2 Dec 2022

Madhya Pradesh: CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan In Favor of Uniform Civil Code; What Congress Said About It

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has given a big statement regarding the Uniform Civil Code. He said that Uniform Civil Code should be implemented in the country. Under this, a person will be able to solemnize only one marriage.

CM Chouhan was addressing the PESA Act Awareness Conference at village Chacharia Pati of Sendhwa block. He gave this statement in this meeting, after which the politics got heated. Terming it as election propaganda, the Congress said that the BJP will remember it till the elections and will forget it after the elections.

He said that he is in favor of implementing a Uniform Civil Code in the country. A committee is being formed for this in the state. 

Chouhan said time has come in India that a Uniform Civil Code should be implemented. Why should anyone marry more than once? Why should there be two constitutions in one country, there should be only one. If there is a right to have one wife in the Uniform Civil Code, then there should be only one wife.

CM Chouhan said that even the government will not be able to take land directly without the consent of the Gram Sabha. Those who fraudulently grab land and get it transferred in their name will not be spared. With PESA Act, now no one will be able to grab someone's land by deceit, fraud and force. 

CM said if any person does this, the Gram Sabha will also have the right to intervene and retrieve the land. He said that the government will not be able to give lease of sand, clay, stone or any other quarry in the notified area without the permission of the Gram Sabha.

Announcement is only election propaganda: Congress

After the speech of the CM, the Congress has called it an election announcement. Abbas Hafeez, Vice President of Congress Media Department said – BJP has nothing to tell in the name of achievements. Its report card is zero. There is an election year ahead in MP, so such statements are being made by ministers and chief ministers so that an atmosphere of polarization is created.

He said that the Congress party has been in favor of giving equal rights to women and men since the beginning. Secondly, the report of the Uniform Civil Code committee will be discussed in the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha, only after that a conclusion can be reached, but the BJP does not want to discuss. It has made the announce just to win the election and forget it after the election.

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