31 Dec 2022

Tunisha Sharma Suicide: Sheezan Khan Sent On 14 Days Judicial Custody, What Netizens Say About A Viral Video

New Delhi: Sheezan Khan was produced in the court today by the police, where the court has sent Sheezan to judicial custody for 14 days.

Meanwhile, a viral video of Sheezan in which police push him and make him run as they head towards the court is receiving a lot of flak. Many netizens feel that why is he being treated like an animal already. Many questions why is he considered a criminal already.

Tunisha's mother Vanita Sharma has filed an abatement suicide case against the actor. She has held Sheezan responsible for the actress's death. The police had taken the accused into custody on the day of the incident itself. Since then the police is interrogating Sheezan.

Tunisha's mother has also accused Sheezan of pressurizing her to change her religion. Apart from this, Sheezan has also been accused of assaulting Tunisha.

Sheezan's lawyer says that when the mobile has been seized then what the need of custody is. So far the statements of 27 people have been recorded in this case. Police say that Sheezan is not cooperating in this matter. However, Sheezan is constantly being questioned regarding the chats.

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