28 Dec 2022

US Winter Storm Claims Over 60 Lives, Thousands Of Flghts Cancelled


New York: The severe winter storm in the United States has so far claimed 62 lives across the country. 

The death toll in the worst hit New York city of Buffalo has risen to 28, with thousands still without power amid a monster winter storm that has battered North America.

In Buffalo, military police are being brought in to help manage traffic in the city, where a driving ban remains in place. Looting has been reported in parts of the city during the emergency.

In Buffalo, the dead were found in cars, homes, and snowbanks. Some people died while shovelling snow, others died when emergency crews could not respond in time to medical crises. 

Thousands of flights cancelled

The winter storm has also forced the cancellation of thousands of flights, including about 4,800 on Tuesday morning alone. Thousands of passengers have been left stranded at airports across the country.

Southwest Airlines came under fire from the US government on Tuesday after it cancelled thousands of flights. Its owner said the low-cost carrier needed to upgrade its legacy airline systems.

Thousands of flights were cancelled a day earlier too, as the massive winter storm swept over much of the country, but Southwest Airline's woes have deepened while other airlines have largely recovered.

2 dozen storm related deaths reported elsewhere

The rest of the United States was also reeling, with at least an additional two dozen storm deaths reported elsewhere around the country and power outages in communities from Maine to Washington state.

California witnessed powerful winds, rain, and snow, with substantially lower temperatures that topped 80 degrees (26.6 Celsius) in some areas over Christmas.

Even in central Florida, temperatures plunged as low minus 2.7 Celsius over the weekend.

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