23 Dec 2022

What RJD MP Manoj Jha Said After Piyush Goyal Withdrew His Statement On Bihar

New Delhi: The controversy related to Union Minister Piyush Goyal's comment on Bihar in Rajya Sabha does not seem to end although Goyal has withdrawh his statement.
Piyush Goyal may have withdrawn his statement but RJD MP Manoj Jha says that Piyush Goyal has insulted the entire state and its heritage. He should have apologised.
Earlier in the Rajya Sabha, BJP leader Piyush Goyal withdrew his statement on Bihar as it snowballed into a big controversy.
Piyush Goyal said in Parliament on Thursday, "Let me make it clear that I had no intention of insulting Bihar or the people of Bihar. If my statement has hurt anyone's sentiments, I immediately withdraw that statement. It was not made with any malice towards anybody at all."
In fact, on Tuesday, RJD MP Manoj Jha was speaking in the Rajya Sabha during the discussion on the Appropriation Bill. At the same time, Piyush Goyal had said if RJD MP Manoj Kumar Jha had his way, he “would turn the whole country into Bihar”.

Merely withdrawing the statement does not help

After the withdrawal of Piyush Goyal's statement, RJD MP Manoj Jha has said that merely withdrawing the statement does not help. He said, "He is the leader of the House, he holds a responsible position. He should have said that I apologize for my statement."
Manoj Jha says, "This shows an attitude. The grants that Bihar should get are given late or not all. You think Bihar is a state that only gives labourers to the country. No investment is coming to Bihar. The Center does not have any blue print regarding that. All these issues have arisen out of this mindset towards Bihar."
Manoj Jha was speaking in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday on the government's approach to the poor and corporate houses. After Piyush Goyal's comment, Manoj Jha said to Piyush Goyal, "Sir, this is a question of insulting Bihar. Piyush ji, I request you with folded hands to comment on me, do not comment on my state Bihar."

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