9 Jan 2023

3 Passengers Assault Air Hostess And Captain In Indigo Flight Reaching Patna

Patna: In the Indigo's flight coming from Delhi to Patna, 3 drunk youths assaulted air hostess and captain. It is being told that Indigo flight 6E-6383 flew from Delhi to Patna. 3 youths got drunk inside the flight from Delhi itself.

Inside the flight, these youths started misbehaving with the passengers. When the air hostess and captain tried to pacify them, they started fighting. The pilot has made a written complaint about this at the airport police station in Patna. The flight reached Patna airport at 8.55 pm on Sunday night.

As soon as they boarded the flight, the three youths started creating ruckus. When the air hostess present inside the flight tried to pacify, the drunkard got entangled with her. They also misbehaved and molested her.

In this, the name of one accused is Rohit Kumar, the name of the other is Nitin Kumar and the name of the third is Pintu Kumar. All three are residents of Bihar. All three had consumed a lot of alcohol. 

Right after the flight took off from Delhi, they started creating ruckus inside. Due to this, other passengers in the flight also faced a lot of trouble. The noise went on for a long time.

Airports authorities, CISF were informed

After this whole incident, the pilot informed the airports authorities and CISF. They were stopped before exiting at the airport. All three started telling themselves to be associated with a political party and a special person of the national president of the party.

Third accused escaped

However, in the meantime the third accomplice Pintu escaped seeing the opportunity. Whereas, the police of the airport police station was informed by the CISF. Police investigated after reaching the spot.

Late in the night itself, the captain of the flight made a written complaint in this matter. After which the police arrested Rohit and Nitin and took them to the police station.

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