11 Jan 2023

Bihar Buxar News: Police Crackdown On Farmers Demanding Compensation For Their Lands In Chausa

Buxar: Police brutally thrashed the farmers and their family members of the farmers agitating against the acquisition of their lands for a thermal power project being built in Chausa block of the Buxar district. Earlier on Tuesday, the police had forcefully removed the farmers from the protest site and started construction work there. 

Farmers have been on protest for over two months

The police crackdown was against a group of farmers who had been on protest for over two months, demanding better rates for their land being acquired by a state-run power company in the district's Chausa block, the residents of Banarpur village, around 140 km west of Patna, have said.

There is anger among the villagers about this. Farmers are continuously agitating for the demand of compensation and opposing the thermal power project. 

Police had removed farmers from protest site

On Tuesday, the police had removed the farmers from the protest site by resorting to lathi charge. But after this what happened late on Tuesday night was very frightening.

The police barged into the houses in the dark of night and thrashed women and men brutally. Those who were beaten up are the family members of those farmers who are protesting. 

This incident is of Banarpur village of Mufassil police station area where the police entered the houses by breaking the doors and in the name of arrests created a lot of havoc in the entire village. Women and men were beaten up with sticks in their houses. 

Video of incident surfaces

A video of this has also surfaced. In this video, the police is showering sticks on women and men. After the incident, there is an atmosphere of anger in the entire area and people are condemning this action of the police.

The farmers here were continuously protesting for 86 days for proper compensation for their land. It is alleged that the SJVN company is forcibly acquiring land for the pipeline. 

Opposing this, the farmers started protesting at the SJVN gate. The work of SJVN got disrupted after the farmers protested. 

3 youths arrested

After this the police entered the houses of the farmers of Banarpur village and thrashed the women along with the men. The police arrested three youths and took them to the police station. Now there is a lot of anger in the area against this police brutality.

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