11 Jan 2023

Joshimath Sinking: 45 More Houses Develop Cracks; In Aligarh, UP Also Cracks Seen In Some Houses

Joshimath: Difficulties are increasing day by day in Joshimath, Uttarakhand. Cracks appeared in 45 more houses on Wednesday. Scientific study is complete. At present, there is no other way except to take people to a safe place and to demolish the unsafe houses.

Due to the opposition of the local people, the process of demolition of the buildings could not be started. People are angry that to complete the NTPC project, the breaking of the mountain by JCB continued indiscriminately, it was not stopped in time. Today the situation has become such that one has to become homeless.

The demolition of two hotels in Uttarakhand's Joshimath was halted on Tuesday after protests by the local people. After the cracks in the houses here, the expert team has decided to demolish the hotels. 

Among the luxury hotels Malari Inn and Hotel Mount View, Malari Inn will be demolished first. Both are 5-6 storey hotels.
The work of demolishing them will be under the supervision of the Central Building Research Institute (CBRI). SDRF team is also on the spot. Swami Avimukteshwaranand appealed to the Supreme Court for an urgent hearing on this matter. The court has refused. The hearing will be held on January 16.

Hotel owners demand compensation

The hotel owners said that they have no objection to demolishing the hotel but we should have been given notice. Hotel Malari owner Thakur Singh Rana demanded compensation.
Two hotels Malari Inn and Hotel Mount View will be demolished. SDRF Commandant Manikant Mishra said that first the upper part will be demolished. Both the hotels have come very close to each other. There are houses around them, so it is necessary to demolish them. If the hotel sinks further, it will collapse. SDRF has been deployed. People have been told to go to safe places through loudspeakers.

“I am not protesting against the demolition of the hotel building but I'm demanding fair compensation from the government,” said Thakur Singh Rana, owner of Hotel Malari Inn.

 678 buildings are currently unsafe

The DGP of Uttarakhand said that 678 buildings are currently unsafe. Most of the buildings have been evacuated. This process is still going on. Scientific study of the entire area has been done and some areas will also be sealed.

Cracks in houses in Aligarh

Meanwhile, amid fears in the wake of land subsidence in the Joshimath area in Uttarakhand, sudden cracks in a few houses in the Kanwariganj area of Aligarh have caused panic among locals.

Locals said for the last several days, cracks have appeared in some of our houses due to which we are forced to live in panic.  They said a pipeline was laid by the government under the Smart City scheme, which is now reportedly leaking, leading to the development of cracks.

The Additional Commissioner of Municipal Corporation Rakesh Kumar Yadav took cognizance of the issue and said that necessary action would be taken by the department.

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