11 Jan 2023

Bengaluru Airport Incident: GoFirst Flight Left Without Passengers: What The Airlines Is Saying Now

Bengaluru: GoFirst is now trying damage control in the incident of leaving behind 55 passengers at the airport. It has apologized to these passengers, as well as offered a free ticket on a domestic flight. They can use it anytime in 12 months. Further, Go First said that all staff concerned have been taken off the roster till the inquiry is going on.

On the other hand, DGCA has sought a report from the airline. After that action will be taken. The incident took place around 5.45 am on Monday when the passengers were to board GoFirst flight G8-116 from Bengaluru to Delhi. 

A total of four buses were sent to take the passengers to the aircraft after security checking. When the airline came to know about the mistake, the passengers left at the airport were sent to Delhi by another flight after four hours.

What did DGCA say in the notice sent to the airlines

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued a notice regarding the incident to the airlines. DGCA said GoFirst is failing to comply with civil aviation rules. Many mistakes have come to the fore in this case. The company proved to be a failure in communication, co-ordination, re-connection and confirmation. If the company had worked on these four points, then this situation could have been avoided.

Airport officials were taken aback by the mess

Passenger Sumit Kumar told in an interview – We were in the third bus. The first, second and fourth buses reached the flight. My friends were also sitting in the fourth bus. One of them called me and said that the plane was about to take off. I started shouting and told the ground crew that the plane was leaving without us.

The ground staff had no information about this. When they saw our boarding passes, the airport officials were taken aback by the mess. Passengers started questioning them. After this the officials tried to pacify the passengers and took everyone out of the departure area.

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