1 Jan 2023

China Covid Latest Updates: Massive New Year Celebrations Could Worsen Situation

Beijing:  Amidst the shadow of the Corona epidemic, people in many countries of the world are celebrating the new year with great enthusiasm. But the most shocking scenes have emerged from China where despite the devastation caused by the Corona explosion, lakhs of people were seen on the streets. 

A large number of people were seen releasing balloons as well as fireworks. Many people were also seen hugging each other. However, during this time everyone was seen wearing masks. People threw caution to winds and celebrated freely. 

China's Wuhan saw massive New Year celebrations on Saturday night to count down to the start of 2023. Several people were seeing releasing balloons in the sky at midnight and taking selfies.

'We are celebrating to encourage people'

People have also explained why they were negligent on New Year. A young Wuhan high school student said that since the last month of last year, the corona epidemic has been in a very serious condition and some of his family members have been hospitalized. But we are celebrating this to encourage people. Want to remove fear from people's mind. 

At the same time, a woman said that at first I was afraid that I might get infected again, but then I saw a large number of people on the streets, then I could not stop myself.

China is facing tough challenges: Xi

President Xi Jinping said in his annual new year's address on Saturday that China is facing tough challenges as it enters a new phase in its Covid-19 response, . "We have now entered a new phase of Covid response where tough challenges remain," Xi said in his new year message to the nation.

Calling the process of Covid responses "tough challenges," Xi said that with extraordinary efforts, China has prevailed over unprecedented difficulties and challenges.

9000 deaths daily in China

An Australia-based publication reported that according to a data firm, the number of deaths due to COVID in China has risen to 9,000 per day. The report also said that British-based research firm Airfinity has estimated that the COVID death toll in China has doubled as the number of infected rises.

37 lakh daily cases likely by January middle

According to some health experts, by the middle of January, there could be 37 lakh cases of corona in a single day. A total of 5,84,000 deaths are expected in China by 23 January. Beijing has been accused of hiding health information, so exact numbers are difficult to assess. However, China's National Health Commission (NHC) confirmed last week that the country's current outbreak is by far the largest in the world.

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