13 Jan 2023

Delhi Anjali Kanjhawala Hit And Drag Case: 11 Cops Suspended, Accused Will Be Charged With Murder

New Delhi: The accused in the Anjali hit and drag case in Delhi's Kanjhawala will be charged with murder. The Ministry of Home Affairs on Friday directed the Delhi Police to add section 302 in this case. Along with this, 11 police personnel on duty in 3 PCR vans and 2 pickets have been suspended.

Show cause notice to Delhi DCP for laxity

The ministry has sent a show cause notice to Delhi DCP Harendra Kumar for laxity in the investigation. Please tell that Harendra Kumar had said that this matter is not of murder, but of an accident.

Senior Delhi Police officer Shalini Singh has submitted the investigation report of the case to the Ministry of Home Affairs. After this, the ministry has given these instructions to the police. \

Accused took U-turns several times

It has been said in this report that this is not an accident, it is a murder. The accused knew that someone was trapped under the car, even after that they did not stop the car.

In the interrogation of the police, the accused also admitted that they knew about Anjali being trapped under the car. The accused said that after the accident, they took U-turns of the car several times as they were very scared. According to media reports, they have also admitted that the story of loud music playing in the car was false.

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