23 Jan 2023

Law Minister Kiren Rijiju Again Spoke On Supreme Court Collegium, Said- Judges Do Not Have To Face Elections


New Delhi: The government and the judiciary may not be coming face to face on the issue of law, but the dispute between the government and the Supreme Court regarding the Supreme Court Collegium is continuing unabated. Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju said in the midst of the ongoing debate that judges do not have to face general elections once they become judges.

Kiren Rijiju said these things in a program organized by Delhi Bar Associatin. He said that there is no public inquiry of judges. Judges are not elected by the general public and that is the reason why the public cannot change the judges. Rijiju said it doesn't mean people aren't watching you. However, he also said that today there is no problem between the government and the judiciary.

Rijiju has been attacking collegium

Kiren Rijiju said many big things on Monday amidst the discussions going on to reform the collegium of the Supreme Court. He said that for democracy to move ahead firmly in the country, it is necessary to have an independent judiciary, otherwise democracy will not be successful.
Rijiju also spoke to the media on the subject of the letter written to the CJI in Delhi. He denied writing any such letter. 

Rijiju said, “I had written a letter to the CJI, about which no one knew. Don't know who came to know from where and made the news that the law minister wrote a letter to the CJI that there should be a representative of the government in the collegium. Rijiju said that this is baseless.

Also targeted the media

During this, the Law Minister said that the differences between the government and the judiciary on the appointment process of judges are being exaggerated. He also questioned the media. "There is no problem between the government and the judiciary," Rijiju said, adding that his government and earlier governments have also changed articles of the Constitution when needed, so change should never be seen in a negative light. 

Law Minister said – 'Independence of Judiciary is necessary'

Talking about keeping the judiciary independent, Law Minister Kiren Rijiju said, “It is necessary to have a strong and independent judiciary for democracy not only to survive in India but also to move ahead strongly. Democracy will not succeed if we weaken the independence of the judiciary or reduce its authority, respect and dignity..
Earlier Rijiju was on the target of the opposition due to a letter sent to the CJI of the Supreme Court. According to the opposition, his letter allegedly sought to have a representative of the government in the collegium.

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