5 Jan 2023

Madhya Pradesh: 4th Edition Of Mandu Festival From Jan 7-11, Know How It Will Showcase Mandu Like Never Before


Dhar: The 4th edition of the Mandu Festival will be held between January 07-January 11, 2023 in Madhya Pradesh.

The laid back town of Mandu in Madhya Pradesh is splashed with sprawling green hills, ruins of a past long gone by and serene lakes that will make you want to get lost in this dreamt town, Mandu is known for the annual festival take takes place at the heart of this hamlet. Filled with mystic, wonder, and music, this festival is quite a revelation.
Speaking about the festival, Sheo Shekhar Shukla, Principal Secretary, Tourism & Managing Director, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board, said, "Over the past few years, Mandu festival has been growing in popularity. Madhya Pradesh has played a pivotal role in promoting tourism and hosting the Mandu Festival at the beginning of the year will create a unique opportunity for this part of Madhya Pradesh.” 

Festival will showcase historical legacy of Mandu

The five-day festival between January 07 – January 11, 2023, organised by Madhya Pradesh government and curated by E-Factor Entertainment is set to showcase the historical legacy of Mandu.
A vibrant city resonating with old world charm, Mandu is known for its heritage, culture, architecture and paleontological history. The Festival will showcase Mandu like never before, with curated historical walks, experiential cycling tours, traditional folk arts of dance, morning yoga, culinary delights, art and craft, musical soirees and much more. 

Aerial view from hot air balloons

The aerial view from hot air balloons will provide an exhilarating experience to discover the forts and ruins of the town while Maa Narmada Aarti at the Rewa Kund during evenings will add glitter to the festivities.

Explore local art, cuisine and culture

The festival will also host tours of local villages showcasing the prowess of rural tourism that Madhya Pradesh has to offer. Foodies can rejoice as the festival will serve an extensive array of authentic, traditional specialties of the Malwa region curated by gourmands.
One can partake in Rural Tourism Excursions that entails visit to nearby locations to explore local art, cuisine and culture. The action packed five days of Mandu Festival has something for everyone.

Morning yoga, Cycling Tours and Food and Art & Craft Exhibitions

The Mandu Festival will appeal to both domestic and international tourists with activities like morning yoga, rejuvenating Mandu Cycling Tour and Food and Art & Craft Exhibitions. The Mandu Heritage Walks and Instagram Tour, as part of the festival, highlight the city's historic significance. The Rural Tourism Excursions will endear tourists to various historical sites of the city and a trip to monuments is bound to evoke emotions for the bygone era.

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