7 Jan 2023

Man Who Urinated On Woman On Air India Flight Held; WhatsApp Chat Between Victim And Accused Surfaces

Mumbai: Mumbai man Shankar Mishra, who urinated on an elderly woman on an Air India flight in November, was arrested by the Delhi police from Bengaluru.

He was on the run, and a lookout notice or airport alert was put out to trace him. Mishra used to work in an international company. After this case, the company has fired him from the job. Meanwhile, WhatsApp chat between the accused and the victim woman has also surfaced.

Father says allegations against son are false

Police has also given notice to Shyam Mishra, father of accused Shankar Mishra. He said that the allegations leveled against my son are fake. 

The victim had asked for compensation, we gave that too, then don't know what happened. Perhaps the demand of the woman must have been something else which could not be fulfilled, that is why she is angry. It is possible that this is being done to blackmail my son.

The father of the accused said that Shankar was tired. He had not slept for two days. He was given a drink in the flight, after which he fell asleep. 

When he woke up, the airline staff questioned him. My son is decent and cannot do such a thing. 

On the other hand, the police has issued a second summon to the staff of Air India for 10.30 am on Saturday. Earlier, the Delhi Police had issued a notice to the flight staff for Friday, but the flight staff did not turn up.

Accused loses job

On the other hand, accused Shankar Mishra has been fired by Wells Fargo & Company. The company said- We work on the high standards of professional behavior. Such an act of our employee is unpardonable. 

The Delhi Police had issued a Look Out Circular (LOC) against the accused and informed about him to the legal department of US-based Wells Fargo Company.

WhatsApp chat reveals woman received money from accused 

The woman on whom the accused Shankar Mishra urinated in an Air India flight, started chatting on WhatsApp with the victim from the very next day of the incident. In the chat of November 27, the victim woman tells about getting five thousand rupees from the accused. \

She tells that her daughter and son-in-law are very angry with this incident, but I stopped them from filing the complaint saying that the accused is extremely remorseful.

In response, the accused thanks the victim and the accused talks about giving money to the victim woman as soon as possible. He apologizes and says that such an act will never happen again.

Then on November 28, the accused tells the victim woman that her clothes have been sent to the cleaners, who will return them the next day. After this he says that he is transferring Rs 10,000 to her. The victim woman confirms receiving the money and asks the accused to reach Bangalore.

The accused tells the woman that he will deliver all the things related to her by Sunday. After this, there is a chat between the two again on December 4, in which the courier is delivered to the woman's house by the accused.

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